Greenwood Beets

The Greenwood brand of pickled beets was started in 1937 in Brooklyn, NY by Irving Greenwood. Mr. Greenwood and two partners initially called their enterprise Acme Distributors. Their distributing business had nine trucks as its total assets.

Mr. Greenwood's belief that the contents of the package sell themselves continues today. He once remarked, "What better way is there for capturing attention and clinching a sale, than to make the container itself a showcase, a sales tool?" To this day, Greenwood is packed in clear glass jars.

Because our products are sold in glass containers, employees and consumers can see the quality of our beets right away.

In 1944 the company moved to Waterloo, NY to be closer to the beet fields. The firm changed its name to Greenwood Foods in 1955. In September 1961 the business was sold to Borden Foods. In 1967 the business was merged with Comstock Foods, now called Birds Eye Foods.

You'll find Greenwood Beets in Michigan, Ohio, and most East Coast states. Greenwood red cabbage is also sold in California and Texas. Despite this regional distribution, Greenwood is the number one brand of pickled beets and red cabbage in the United States. People across America use Greenwood beets in their favorite recipes every day!

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